Pit Closure Crew

This crew assists the last riders offering assistance and encouragement where needed. Works with Dispatch to determine ride speed and needs on the route. Works with the Pit Stops/Water Stops on when to close and begin breaking down equipment/supplies.

Crew Description:  Coordinates the efforts of several transport teams working to recover broken down Riders and their bicycles, and officially closes the Pit Stop after all Riders have passed and orders SAG vehicles to Pits. Pit Closure supports the Pit Stop CREWs, assist with “sagging” Riders off the road, help to enforce the pit closure times, and “clean” the route of all personnel by dark. The main focus of the Pit Closure CREW is communication and dispatch. Pit Closure must stay in constant contact with their sweep vehicles, and know where and when Bike and Rider Transport CREWs are working. In addition, they must convey accurate and updated information to Dispatch in order to smoothly transition people and vehicles. Their duties are fairly comprehensive on the road, for they manage every aspect of the route.


  • Manage and support the Sweep teams in their sector.
  • Maintain a position at the appropriate Pit Stop and communicate and direct their CREWs from that location.
  • Convey updates to Dispatch throughout the day.


  • As Pit Closure leaves each Pit Stop, they will be supplied with a clicker to count the number of persons between the pit they are leaving and the next pit. On arrival to the next pit, they will report this number to Dispatch.
  • As the day progresses, the Pit Closure Managers will assume the responsibility of closing down the Pit Stops. This will include getting assurance from the Sweep drivers and the caboose that all Riders have passed, and clearing each Pit of all cyclists and their bikes.
  • Calls will be made by Cellular Phones to Dispatch with updates and Pit Closure information.
  • If needed, transport vehicles will be sent to transfer Riders and bikes into lunch or evening Hotel.
  • Later in the afternoon, as Riders tire and injuries are more frequent, the Pit Closure CREW.’s must work hard and fast to remove exhausted Riders from the Pit Stops. When in touch with drivers or with Dispatch, it is critical (maybe even life or death) that you pay close attention to details and communicate effectively. Keep your instructions concise and to the point. By using short, direct, and concise phrases, more information can be exchanged and fewer miscommunications will result. Many times the Pit Stops will begin to get frantic as Riders get restless and irritable.
  • Try to remain calm and reassuring. In this way, Riders will feel understood and taken care of and less likely to mutiny.
  • Remember, your job is to get them back to hotel and to ensure their safety on the road. Attention to your duties will expedite this process.