A day late (but not a dollar $hort) …

Introducing the SMART Ride One Day Option!

Want to experience the fun and comradery of the SMART Ride but can’t make it for both days? We’ve heard your challenges and have a solution!

Friday Work Commitment?

Loved the SMART Ride in the past but may be getting older and, well, just can’t ride two days?

Join us for our final 65 mile
stretch from Marathon to Key West!!!

How does it work?
You join us on Friday Night in Hawk’s Cay for the  Saturday portion of the Ride.

What is the rate?
In an effort to maintain our operating expenses and reach our goal of raising $1.5 million dollars this year, the registration fee of $135 and a minimum fundraising amount $1250 remain the same.

Can I still be a part of Friday night’s activities?
Yes! we encourage it.
• One day riders should arrive at Hawk’s Cay after 5:30 PM. This is for the safety of all as the route for day one will be closed by then.
• Hawk’s Cay accommodations will be available for check-in at 5:30 PM.
• Mandatory registration, finance, and medical check-ins,  and safety video viewing will be held at Hawk’s Cay in the evening (time and location TBD)
• Bikes will be checked in with bike parking in the evening if bringing with you unless sent earlier (see below)

How do I get my bike there?
There are a few options:
• Have a friend bring bike to Miami and check-in at the University; we have room to transport the bikes in the Bike Parking Truck.
• Bikes may be shipped up from Key West via Key West Bike Transport.
* Drive with bike to Hawks Cay, leave vehicle at Hawks Cay and shuttle back to Hawks Cay, or stay over an additional day in Key West and take the SMART Ride bus back to pick-up vehicle at Hawks Cay.

Can I participate in all of the Key West ceremonies and events?
Absolutely! The SMART Ride is a fundraiser, and you would have raised no less than others and thus can participate.

I’m in for one day! So what do I need to do?
Simply choose “One Day Rider” when registering and complete the registration process online. You will receive confirmation and continue to receive all of the same information and updates pertaining to the event via email as all participants receive.