The SMART Ride
A 2-day 165 mile bicycle ride from Miami to key West this November.  This year is special and based on all knowledge known at this time we feel it is safe to conduct the event as is traditional. COVID-19 changed all of us and changed how 2020 evolved. 2021 is the year to come back strong, display out desire to make a difference and get back on the road.


What is the cost to register for SMART Ride 18?

$135 is the cost to register and participate for SMART Ride 18. This includes hour overnight housing on Friday November 19th at our overnight destination and food and snacks on the route

Why is there a $135 registration fee?
The registration fees helps to cover the operating costs for SMART Ride, which operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit. Rent, utilities, costs to run the website, etc….are paid for through registration. This allows us to give back and guarantee that 100% of the money you raise will go back to the benefiting agencies.

2020-SR17 historical information
I am registered, what happens to the fee I paid already?

If you registered prior to August 17th, you are still registered for SR17 and you have the options to either:

a) Roll your registration over to SMART Ride 18, November 19th & 20th, 2021.
You can still participate this year in SR17.*

b) Donate your registration fee to help offset the costs of producing the SMART Ride
and then re-register and pay for next year’s Ride when SR18 registration opens in

**This option will be available in the coming weeks when you log into your SMART Ride account on our website.**

In addition, we ask you to commit to fundraising $1250!!! While not a requirement, any amount raised will help to support our six benefiting agencies. Visit our fundraising page for tips on how to raise money this year!

How do I fundraise?
Visit the FUNDRAISING page on our website for tips on soliciting donations and ways to use our website, social media, and/or Strava to help get pledges.

What if I don’t want to participate alone? Can I find someone in my area to ride  with? 
For riders, you can contact your area rider rep indicated when you log in to the SMART Ride site. For all other participants, email jonc@thesmartride.org and we will try you connect you with someone in your area.

When is SMART Ride 18? And when will registration open?

SR18 is currently scheduled for November 19th & 20th, 2021, with Orientation Day on the 18th.
Registration will open November 22nd, 2020.