Ways to Join the Ride

Join as a Rider

Where the rubber meets the road! Click here to get the full information on what it looks like to make the 165 mile ride from Miami to Key West.

Join as Crew/Volunteer

If riding a bike for 165 miles isn’t quite your speed, we still have plenty of ways to be involved! There are plenty of volunteer and crew positions available!

Crew Positions

Bike Parking

This team is responsible for the safety, setting up, break down and managing bikes’ parking lots at the registration site, first night’s hotel and the destination point in Key West. Duties involve setting up and taking apart bike racks, execute effective check in and check out procedures of each rider as they enter at each site, account that all participants are safely off the route, assist with any “bike pulls” necessitated for medical or other issues. Days start early and go until after last rider arrives. Be friendly and helpful with Riders at all times. Get them started out each morning on a positive manner . Be encouraging and uplifting. Be positive and motivational and respect the rider’s physical and emotional challenges. Be gentle, be kind, be flexible

Bike Tech

This team will work with riders to assist in maintenance and repair of bikes by providing on site bike repair and work closely with Sweep crew to support riders that are unable to continue the route. Bike Techs will set up, staff and operate at pit stops, along the route and/or hotel (according with Manager’s discretion). You are responsible for bringing your own supplies and bike parts and riders are responsible for reimbursing Techs for supplies that are utilized. Team members must have experience in bicycle repair and should be able to lift 50 lbs.

Bike Transport

This team provides transport of bikes for Riders unable to complete the day’s route. This team will load bikes from Bike Parking (where bikes are staged), Pit Stops and/or hotel throughout the day and offload bikes in Bike Parking area. Working closely with Dispatch and the Pit Closure Crew, this team recovers ‘sagged’ bikes in an effort to close and clear all Riders from the road before dark and by keeping an accurate log of all Riders/Bike numbers in order to keep track of ‘SAG’ Riders. The truck used for this purpose is a Gear truck during the first part of the day. Must be able to lift 50+ lbs.

Ceremonies Crew

Responsible for the planning, execution, overall theme, running of daily ceremonies and decorating of facilities during the overall event. Ideally, persons on this team are creative with the ability to multi-task and be flexible with unexpected changes. The Ceremonies Manager /Team works with the Founder and Ride Production Team over the course of the year planning for the event. Attention to details is needed to coordinate multiple supplies, people and equipments. Among  many other the main duties,  Ceremonies is responsible for Orientation Day Look and Feel, dedication Ceremony, Opening Ceremony/Ride Out, evening Entertainment on Friday Night, Stretching and Ride out on Saturday Morning and Closing Ceremonies – A subgroup of the Ceremonies Crew is the Signage Crew, they are responsible for the placement and removal of signage at all of the major sites.

Cheerleading Crew

Cheers!!! This motivational and high spirits team is responsible for encouraging and motivating riders and crew during the Ride. This crew is often staged at points on the ride to send messages of safety, encouragement and motivation. If you are super energized, like to yell encouraging words, dress up, get crazy, then this is the team for you!!  Members of this team typically have their own vehicles and/or drive with others to work along the Route. This team ensure the safety of all riders, supports the motorcycle and traffic teams and is very independent. The Crew Manager will coordinate with all of the team members to ensure that they are evenly spaced throughout the day.

Dining Crew

The dining crew coordinates and plans all of the meals for ride week and for the event. In cooperation with the Production team, identifies and assists vendors, coordinates supplies and executes meal plans for each day of the event. This team provides meals, drinks and supplies from Thursday lunch through Saturday lunch to all participants. Very early mornings and late evenings are involved. The happiest part of this crew is that members get to see all of the participants and provide them with what they are looking for the most… FOOOOOOOOD. With the assistance of the Production Team, the Dining Manager coordinates food needs for volunteer staff during Ride Week.

The Dining team is responsible for the planning, execution and clean up for the following meals:

  • Upload Week Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Thursday Night Dinner
  • Friday Morning Breakfast
  • Lunch on both Friday and Saturday
  • Dinner on Friday night
  • Breakfast on Saturday Morning.
FedEx Crew

How could our Ride survive without Transportation?! Yes, exactly .. thanks to our sponsor Fedex, they support the transportation of … by bringing a whole crew and driving their awesome trucks during our event. If you are a Fedex Employee send us a private message for further details!

Gear Crew

Or as I call them … The muscle guys!!

The Gear Team works to collect and transport rider/crew luggage/gear throughout the event. Crew opens Friday Morning to collect gear before Ride out and takes it to Hawks Cay (our Friday Hotel destination) for distribution. Saturday morning collects the gears again and transports to Key West for dissemination after closing ceremonies. This Crew consists of 4-6 people and organization, punctuality, full presence, care handling and attention to details must be paid to load, stack and off load items in such a way as to limit load shift and the falling of luggage.

This Crew starts really early and have the responsibility of crew and riders luggage’s. Your trucks may be used for Bike transport as well.

Drivers are responsible for assessing the fuel needs of their trucks.

Hawks Cay Crew

This team manages all aspects of the Day 1 facility layout and interaction with Hawks Cay Representatives, our dining team and dining vendor, tent and port-a-john vendors to execute all functions (other than actual rooming list) of the overnight hotel stay at Hawks Cay. This crew does everything from ensuring proper placement of the port-o-johns to working with every other crew in setting up tents, delivering water and protecting our designated parking during the event. The Hawks Cay crew consists of 5-8 members who are responsible for the set-up, maintenance and pack-up of the Hawks Cay Site, Monitoring, collecting and disposal of trash at the site; Assist with the erection and dismantle of event pop-up tents and canopy’s and Effectively use site plans to ensure proper placement of equipments, tents, etc.

Hotel Services/Housing Crew

This team is responsible for coordinating participant lodging needs at our headquarters facility and Hawks Cay (our Day 1 Hotel). Works with Hawks Cay Site Manager and members of the Hotel Staff to properly place participants for overnight housing. This task takes place over the course of the year. Ideal members of this crew must be organized, have good follow through and be a good communicator. Job involves working on Orientation Day to confirm housing with participants and work with the hotel to handle check-ins and issues that arise.

Ice Crew

This Crew is consisted of only two super committed members, but they are nonstop throughout the Ride!

This is an EARLY Riser an active job that requires lifting and carrying (10 & 20 pounds) bags of ice many times during the day and the ability to climb in and out of the back of a pick up truck. In this crew, there is an opportunity to be mobile, see the entire route, connect with crew as you stop in all pit stops to deliver the goods “ICE!!” The “Ice man” aka Ice Manager normally handles purchases, loads ice chest, review route as well as ice plan for the Ride/Route. This crew is responsible for purchasing, deliver and ice supply to Bike parking, water stop, all pit stops, gear crew, massage crew, medical, dining team and Key West High School. During the weekend, The Ice Crew may handle anywhere around 500 -600lbs of ice.

Massage Crew

This team provides the much needed and appreciated massage services to participants during the event (Riders and when possible Crew as well). Ideally, massage therapists will be experienced in sports massage. The therapist must be active and maintain Malpractice Insurance and bring his/her own Massage Table and specific tools. The Ride provides hand Sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and paper towels.

Some of the duties of the Massage Team consists of:

  • Set up a massage sign up table.
  • Set up and staff the Massage team in designated area.
  • Use a list of Riders/CREW to keep track of who has received massages and assign priority to those who haven’t received one yet
  • Provide massages to Riders while on duty.
  • Keep an established system for best serving the Riders and how to form any queue that might arise.
  • Oversee the “neighbor”  Yoga and/or Stretching Station
  • Be responsible for Foam rollers and floor blankets
  • Breakdown and load Massage equipment at the hotel site.

Team Spirit!

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First Time Riders

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