Friends and Family

We hope friends and family will support you and see you off on your incredible journey on Friday morning as the sun rises. We also welcome them to volunteer (see volunteers page).

Personal SAG (Support vehicles) are discouraged from following the route. Your safety is our number one concern and the less traffic in our pit stops and along the route, the safer the ride will be for everyone. Remember, your friends and family have not gone through the same safety orientation you have.

The Keys are a heavily traveled and narrow road. If friends and family are found to be in areas that jeopardize the safety of the riders they will be asked to leave those areas promptly.

If friends and family insist on being on the event, the best places for them to cheer you on are at  major shopping plazas, gas stations and other areas where there is room to safely pull off the road and be out of the way of the bicycles.

Our objective is to keep everyone SAFE on the route, and to keep the road as clear as possible of extra traffic. Your friends and family should meet you in Key West and be there waiting at closing ceremonies.

Closing ceremony will take place at the Quay Street Pier at Truman Waterfront. All visitors are requested to be at the Quay Street Pier at Truman Waterfront no later than 2PM.