Become a Beneficiary

TSR Adventures, Inc. is proud to announce the call for applications to become one of the participating benefiting agencies for The Southern Most AIDS/HIV Ride 17 (also referred to as The SMART Ride 17 or TSR17). Prior to completing the application please make sure that you meet the following basic criteria for consideration:

  • An organization must be a 501(c)3 organization in Florida
  • Organization’s work must include HIV/AIDS services
  • Donations given to your organization as a benefiting agency of The SMART Ride must be used for direct services to include, but not limited to, medical assistance, psycho-social services, housing assistance, pharmaceutical assistance and/or testing within the HIV/AIDS community. None of the money obtained as a beneficiary can be used for capital improvements of any kind, general salaries and/or bonuses.
  • Agency must have adequate staff/volunteers committed to the TSR event from contract signing through check distribution. As part of the agreement, you must have a representative present on behalf of your agency, able to make decisions on behalf of your organization, at each monthly committee meeting. Most committee meetings have traditionally been held in the Broward County area but may be moved anywhere throughout the state of Florida with proper notification and the travel, lodging and other expenses related to attendance are born by the agency.
  • Each chosen participating benefiting agency must be able to assist with fundraising to produce the event. This funding must come from an outside source specific to The SMART Ride and NOT from the agency’s discretionary funds. All funds must come directly from an outside source or with a letter from the source authorizing that the money be used for the purpose of the ride or other documentation that the monies were intended for SMART Ride participation.
  • If requested, your agency must take a key role(s), in the production of the event.

If you feel that you meet the basic qualifications and requirements as listed above we invite you to proceed by completing the application.

Any application not filled out in its entirety may be eliminated from consideration. Any information contained in this application will be considered publicly disclosed and may be used by TSR Adventures, Inc. for marketing and other purposes and may be disclosed without notification to the agency regardless if the agency is selected to benefit from SMART Ride 17.

If you wish to be considered to be a befitting agency for the next SMART Ride, see application information and deadlines.