Bike Transport

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Coming from

  • Tampa/St Pete
  • Orlando area
  • Palm Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale

We have organized a bike transport that will come to your town about 1 week before the ride and pick up your bike  and transport it to Miami where it will be waiting on Orientation Day.  Immediately following the ride the same service will be there after closing ceremonies to take your bike and transport it back to a central location in your area to arrive approximately Monday or Tuesday after the ride. You can make arrangements with the different holding locations in your city for different pick up times to retrieve your bicycle if you are staying in Key West for an extended period.

The cost is

-$75 round trip if you book before September 30th
-$90 round trip if you book between October 1st and October 31st-$120 round trip after October 31st (based on availability)

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