Transportation for you (and your bike if riding)

We love cars, we think they are efficient and so helpful, but on The SMART Ride limiting the number of vehicles that are on the road and in our pit stops and at the hotel is a goal. Why you ask?

  • oopsOur rest stops are not very large
  • Keeping as much traffic out of these stops helps prevent the chances of cars accidentally converging with bicycles
  • Car doors are dangerous
  • Accidentally backing up and running over a parked bike or bicyclist

For crew members, each team captain is asked to check with their crew and minimize the vehicles that are on the ride. Please work with us on this safety issue. If you do have a vehicle that is approved for the event, you will receive an “official” signage indicating where you will be allowed to use the vehicle and where it will be permuted on the side. If you are on the route with your vehicle we asked that you call dispatch for approval to stop at a pit stop prior to entering, if the pit stop is full or crowded you may be asked to continue on.

Where do riders an crew leave cars in Miami during the ride?
The University of Miami (our starting location) allows participants to leave their personal vehicles at their Pavia Garage until Sunday November 21st. The cost is $8/day and payable via an app you download when entering the garage. If you believe you will be staying longer in Key West we recommend you make arrangements with the hotel you are staying at in Miami to leave your car there. Please make sure they know so that they can placard it and not tow it as a “delinquent” vehicle.

Post Ride Transportation for riders and crew:
Transportation will be provided once again by Delmay and Partners. See information below. To secure a spot, please complete the form and payment information at this link.

Bus Information:

  • Departs, Sunday, November 21st, 2021.
  • Arrive at Key West High School by 9am.
  • Bus departs at 10am sharp and can not wait for any late comers.
  • Cost is $65 per person.
  • The cost includes one bicycle per reservation, extra bicycles will cost $25.
  • Bicycles, will need to be dropped off after closing ceremonies. There will be a truck that will be marked as “Bikes returning to University of Miami.”
  • After submitting the form at the link provided, you will receive confirmation from Delmay and Partners that the form was successfully received and processed. If you have questions you can call Delmay and Partners at 954-744-8396.

**All bikes shipped back to The University of Miami, must have someone to receive it on Sunday afternoon, we are not liable for bicycles that are not claimed at the University of Miami.