Create or join a team
The more the merrier. Teams help build morale, improve training, and most importantly, traditionally raise more money per rider on average.

Ready to register? Click here.

  • When you register you will be asked if you would like to join an existing team or create a new one
  • Choose from the drop down menu the team you would like to be on. The team captain will be notified of your request and will be able to accept your request or deny it.
  • If your team is not listed in the drop down you can create a new team, it’s very easy and you will be walked through the steps online.

Team members must on average raise at least $1250 each for all members to participate. If the team is not making it’s minimum (# riders x $1250) then it is the captains responsibility to decide if someone cannot ride. The best part of a team  is that as a group you can accomplish a great deal and as a general rule teams raise more money per person.

What If I Reach My Goal But My Team Doesn’t…
If you individually made your quota you are not responsible for others making theirs. The great part of a team is  that if some fall short and others go over, in the end everyone can make their minimum. The team total counts towards everyone’s total, if the team is short due to one or more individuals not making their quota, the Team Captain needs to make those individuals aware that they will not ride unless they or others on the team can make up that difference. The people who have made their totals will ride regardless.