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SMART Ride Social at Wilton Creamery

Join us on Thursday, June 13th at Wilton Creamery for our third social. Come to learn about the Ride, Crew Positions, Riding info, Network, etc.. Bring a friend, photos, get registered, register your friends and have fun!

About Wilton Creamery!
We are an upscale boutique Ice Cream Shop, located in the heart of Wilton Manors, FL. We have a beautiful loft space with dual level and outdoor seating. The decor has an unexpected Industrial-meets-50’s vibe with generous soft seating and featuring a sit or stand window bar to watch the world (and interesting people) go by on Wilton Drive.

We are Chef curated, so we are not your average ice cream shop. Seasonal and rotating flavors of ice cream such as Pecan Praline Dulce, Sea Salt Caramel, Sweet Cinnamon, Strong Coffee, Triple Rum Raisin, Snickers Adjacent, Christopher Loves Chocolate, and our most popular flavor “He’s Not Worth It.”

We have many Vegan/Gluten-Free/Non-Dairy options, including our Non-Dairy/Gluten-Free (Coconut based) Ice Creams in Vanilla, Chocolate, Butter Pecan, and a rotating flavor, as well as our Non-Dairy/Gluten-Free Sorbet in Raspberry, Lemon, and a seasonal flavor or two. We also have “Dog-Friendly” Ice cream and unique small-batch ice creams made in house that may translate to full production ice creams. Small Batch Ice Creams are released every Friday, the best way to keep up with the Small Batch changes are to follow us on Facebook.

Our vast topping selection is semi-seasonal and includes hand-cut fresh fruits, Moscato Wine Soaked Pineapples, Basil/Balsamic Strawberries, House Made Maple/Honey Walnuts, Cannoli Cream, Boba, boutique chocolates, various candies, Oreo’s, Nilla Wafers, Nerds, Ghirardelli Syrups, House Made Sea Salt Caramel, Jalapeno Sauce, Blue Cane Rhum and Butterscotch, Sweetened Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese, all numbering in the 60’s.

We Look Forward to Welcoming You.