Why Did We Move to the University of Miami


WHY?  seems to be the first question on everyone’s mind. It’s really very simple and below we will outline all the great reasons.

  1. It’s Pretty. Seriously the campus is beautiful, tree lined streets, a youthful feel about being amongst 15,000 University students.
  2. Convenience. Many options on getting to the University of Miami. You can arrive by car, or by train, yes we said train! You can even bring your bicycle on the Tri-Rail and Metro Mover. You can leave your car over the weekend for only $8. (more on that at a later time)
  3. Food. As you may remember it’s hard to get food on Orientation Day in the past. Moving to the University you will now have choices like Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Subway, Mexican Food, Chinese Food, the Rathskeller and more.
  4. Education. AIDS has no season and AIDS has no limitations on who can get infected. Did you know that youth ages 16-24 are the largest group of individuals becoming infected. Our  presence on campus helps raise awareness, helps raise dialogue, helps educate and with the a commitment to providing volunteers, we hope to attract future leaders to our cause and next year maybe we will see a UM SMART Ride Team.
  5. Costs. It looks like the move to the University will be budget neutral and they are letting us bring in our friends from Olive Garden!!!!

What will be different?  

  • We are still 165 miles
  • Orientation Day will mostly take place in air-conditioned comfort
  • We are still traveling from Miami to Key West
  • We are still giving 100% of every dollar you raise back to AIDS Service Organizations around Florida
  • We will still be using MorningStar for the week before you all arrive to prepare
  • Our friends at MorningStar will be around on Orientation Day, and our friend Sue DeFarri will once again speak at opening ceremonies

So you see what matters doesn’t change and we hope what does makes you feel great.


Some basic information we have been asked

  1. Orientation Day  Field House located at 1245 Dauer Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146 across from the Metro Mover University Stop.
  2. Parking All participants parking on Thursday will use the Pavia Garage. Leaving your car for the weekend will also park at the Pavia garage (more info as we get closer) for $8 for the weekend.
  3. Dedication Ceremonies/Candlelight Vigil and Dinner Will take place at the Lakeside Patio Stage. (we will give you directions when you arrive)
  4. Ride Out Will take place in front of the Convocation Center located at 1245 Dauer Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146. Times won’t change and temporary parking will be provided for guests arriving to see you off.
  5. Host Hotels Each of our host hotels remains a close drive to the new starting location (within 15 minutes) and in some cases are shorter distance than before.


As with every year, we will be tweaking the schedule for Orientation Day.   The general flow and process of the day, will be unchanged. A detailed orientation day schedule will be sent to all participants as soon as it is finalized.