What are the riding conditions?

Are roads blocked for bikers?
In the State of Florida, we are recognized as a non-permitted event. SMART Ride is not  a permitted event we do not close roads or have police escorts with the exception of opening morning for the first mile and in Key West on our parade and escort to closing ceremonies.  We do notify and work with all police and municipalities that we travel through  so they are keenly aware of our presence. As a fully supported ride we provide our own medical, motorcycle crew, ambulance, etc to ensure your Safety. It is important when you train that you train both offroad and onroad in order to be comfortable with traffic. Along the route, there are  berms and bike paths to utilize, but the reality is you are riding with motor vehicles and they are BIGGER and always win in an altercation.

What is the elevation? (For those coming from out of state, promise not to laugh.)
The Mean Elevation for the State of Florida is 100 Feet, and in the Florida Keys the highest point is 18 feet. Florida remains a relatively flat state with only the most northern part of the state closer to the Georgia border being elevated. Those traveling from other states need not worry about altitude changes, or extreme challenges due to inclines. There are two bridges that rise during The SMART Ride:

  • the 15 mile stretch from Key Largo
  • the 7 mile bridge

Peak height of 18 feet above sea level.

What is the Average Speed (MPH) on The SMART Ride?
The slowest rider averages about 12 Miles/hour and the fastest about 21 miles/hour. The majority of our riders fall within the 12-15 mile/hour range. The ride is timed based on our slower riders so that everyone gets a chance to finish the ride based on their endurance. If someone should fall behind we can pick that individual up and move them forward through our SAG vehicles.

Remember SMART Ride is NOT a race, but rather a ride to raise awareness, and funds for HIV and AIDS.