Training Ride Waivers – PLEASE READ

The Importance of Training Ride Waivers

As we begin to get heavily into organized training rides that each of you may be involved in, we have enclosed our Training Ride Waivers. These waivers serve to protect you, the ride and everyone involved. The waiver must be implemented when calling any training ride a “Training Ride” or led by any of the benefiting organizations. No matter the number of participants in these “Training Rides” this waiver should still be filled out.

We take safety more seriously than any other single thing on the ride. It’s more important than raising money, more important than even our message on HIV and AIDS. Please work with The SMART Ride and your fellow participants to make sure this is executed. Training rides are great ways to set the stage for a great event, but they MUST focus on the same rules as on the event. Helmets, no music or cell phones, no pictures while on a bike, following all traffic rules and more.

Download and fill out the attached Training Waiver