Training for SMART Ride

Resist the impulse to go “all out” in the beginning. Training for an endurance event like SMART Ride must be done in small increments of increasing intensity. The great part about a slow training regimen is that you get to experience positive results without the risk of being burned out or incurring overuse injuries. Do not forget to build in time to allow your body to recover. Rest is as important as activity and is often overlooked when trying to manage a training schedule. Remember, your body has its own brain and it will definitely let you know when you have pushed it too far.

SMART Ride is not a race, but rather a ride. Your goal is to train on a regular basis, increasing your mileage each week. Focus on gaining strength and endurance, and be sure to pace yourself and listen to your body. “Injury Prevention” should become part of your daily mantra while training. Pushing yourself too hard might make you susceptible to injury and will only take the enjoyment out of your experience.  During your training it is a good idea to remember the pointers on Bike Fit, Clothing, Nutrition and Hydration.  Everything will help you to have a great experience.