Traffic Crew

Responsible for managing vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic into and out of facilities/locations. Checks in all vehicles, allowing only those that are permitted to be on-site with the event. Enforces parking plans established by the Logistics Team.

Crew Description:  The Traffic Control CREW will work closely with Dispatch and Ride Services CREW’s. There will be two shifts, Shift A and Shift B. They will maintain safe traffic flow, manage parking lots, and always keep an eye on emergency vehicle access. Traffic controllers will be posted at all entrances to the hotel and may need to advise Dispatch of all vehicle movements into and out of the hotel site. The Traffic Control CREW is responsible for directing trucks and support vehicles to special positions as detailed on the site plan. At any given moment, the traffic CREW with the help of Dispatch, must know the location of all vehicles within the hotel. ALL vehicles entering hotel must turn off their radios, roll down their windows .This is important so that they can be directed around hotel and not be a safety hazard. Please remind them to slow down when driving within the hotel.


  • Traffic Control CREW duties include, but are not limited to:
  • Controlling all vehicles entering or exiting hotel. Have the drivers turn off their radios, and roll down their windows.
  • Notifying Traffic Control CREW Manager of vehicle ID numbers and their intended destination. This information, along with log times, are given to Dispatch CREW by the Traffic Control Manager, and used for accounting and planning purposes.
  • Provide instructions and directions to each driver. If incoming, show overall site plan then direct them to parking area. If outgoing, make sure drivers know where they are going, have maps and/or directions and communications devices.
  • Assist driver, especially large vehicles (trucks, buses, ambulances) in backing up or squeezing into small parking areas. NO ONE SHOULD BE PARKING LARGE VEHICLES WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.
  • Double check to make sure that all vehicles are in correct designated locations and that command has keys to all vehicles.


  • Remember that you may be the first contact for visitors, media, parents, or entertainers. You represent the Ride to that person, do so proudly and respectfully. Be helpful and friendly to all.
  • When problems arise, maintain composure and contact your CREW Manager or Dispatch for help.
  • Be assertive. It’s your job to protect everyone’s safety. Do it with authority and compassion. Be friendly. Be fair. Be firm!
  • DO NOT LET anyone in a large truck back up or park without at least one person assisting them. It is up to traffic control to be sure that all are aware of each other and the traffic flow into the hotel are safe.