Sweep Crew

This team circulates throughout the route in vehicles outfitted with bike racks, providing transportation to Riders needing assistance to rest stops. This team leaves early in the morning and arrives late into lodging, after all Riders have completed the route. Direction during event comes from Sweep and Dispatch Managers. Must be able to lift 50 lbs and drive. Sweep vehicles must be able to carry 4 other people than driver.

Crew Description:  The Sweep CREW consist of vans with overhead and rear bike racks. Each of these vehicles patrols a section of the bike route between Pit Stops, and lends assistance to injured or disabled Riders. In addition, exhausted Riders may be picked up and ferried to the lunch Pit where they can recover and continue on their bikes or be taken to hotel.


  • The Sweep CREW is the direct link for stranded Riders. Please remain flexible as you will be used on a continual basis. Be courteous and attentive to your job and to requests made by Staff and/or Ride officials. Any problems or questions should go to your CREW Manager or staff person in charge.
  • On Day Two sweep all riders to the Holding area so that everyone can ride to the Closing Ceremony.
  • The established sign language for Riders to use on the side of the road is a thumb down signal or their arms crossed over their heads. This means that they need assistance. Call 911 for emergency medical aid, if appropriate (one ambulances is traversing the route constantly). If there is a non-emergency injury or too long a wait for the bike mechanics, load the bicycle into the rack and proceed toward the next rest stop. Continue to respond to side-lined Riders. When your van is full, go to the next Pit Stop and off load bikes and riders. Here injured cyclists can receive medical care and bikes can be repaired.
  • The Sweep CREW will also provide transportation to riders who are unable to continue for whatever reason. Rider Transport will pick them up and take them to the hotel or the holding area.
  • Sweep vehicles will service the areas between Pit Stops and will be in communication with the Route Dispatch team and Sweep Manager. The Dispatch center will keep a log of all vehicle movements. At any given moment, the Route Dispatch team, must know the location of all sweep vehicles.
  • As a sweep driver, you are in many ways the friendly face of The SMART Ride. You will be dealing with tired and many times frustrated Riders. Please do your utmost to be kind and gentle with them. It will go a long way in keeping their spirits up if you are cheerful and helpful. When problems arise, maintain composure and contact your CREW Manager or Dispatch for help.
  • Sweep Crew Members are on duty each day until the route has been closed and the road “cleaned” of all riders and bikes. This means many hours of driving. If you take a break or a problem arises and you need to leave your area, please alert your Sweep CREW Manager. S/he can make arrangements to have your area covered by another vehicle until your return.


  • Sweep crew members should always be sure that all bikes are secured to the vehicle before moving.
  • Use extreme caution when entering and exiting pit stops.
  • All riders picked -up should always be taken to the next pit “south” of the location. Do not attempt to take riders backwards on the route. This may cause confusion based on pit closure times.