Rider Transport Crew

This crew must be able to drive 15 passenger vans which are used to transport riders who are unable to complete the route. This team works for the entire length the route is open. Direction comes from Dispatch and the Sweep Crew Manager during event.

Crew Description:  Rider Transport provides transportation for riders who are ill, injured, too tired to continue or require bike maintenance that can not be accomplished at a Pit Stop. Additionally, Rider Transport serves as a runner for the event. The schedule for Rider Transport is ever-changing and fluid. At the direction of the Sweep Manager or Dispatch, Rider Transport may be sent to perform a myriad of tasks


  • Communicate with Dispatch and Sweep Manager exact location and destination when departing any location.
  • Ability to drive or navigate a 15 passenger van is essential.
  • Provide comfort and “positive energy” to the riders who may not have been able to make it the whole day. Many of these riders will be very disappointed. It is important that you help focus them on the fact they were part of this amazing event.


  • Upon arrival at the Pit Stop, communicate with the Pit Closure and Pit Stop Managers and follow instructions for the uploading of ‘SAGed Riders.
  • When you have received the go ahead from the Pit Closure Manager, proceed to lunch or back to the evening hotel by the most direct route. Phone your Manager or dispatch and give them an ETA and the number of persons you are carrying.
  • At the entrance to Hotel, there will be a traffic control person. Identify yourself and ask to be directed to Bike Parking to unload ‘SAGGED’ bikes.
  • Check-in with your manager each time you leave or arrive at a given location.
  • On each minivan the CREW member should have water and snacks that they can obtain at the pit stop from which they are picking up riders.
  • When making a status report to Dispatch or to your CREW Manager, keep your communications concise and to the point.
  • There will be times when you’ll be required to wait at a Pit Stop or at Hotel for a period of time. Please stay at your post or with your truck. Do not leave your vehicle without communicating that information to Dispatch and to your CREW Manager. If an emergency arises, let them know where you are going and when you will return. If you are called during this absence, return to your truck immediately or call in for instructions.