Motorcycle Crew

Motorcycle crew works with Dispatch to guarantee safe passage for riders during each day’s route. Motorcycle crew assists at difficult intersections and other locations as requested. Team members must provide own motorcycle, valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement and must wear helmet. Although motorcycle assists with safe passage of our riders, the blocking of traffic is not permitted at any time during the event. Additionally, the Motorcycle team acts as the Caboose on the event to track the location of the last Rider.

Crew Description:  To ensure Rider Safety by monitoring intersections and hazardous areas along the route and assist the riders. The motorcyclists work closing with Dispatch to ensure the safest possible conditions for all of our Riders.


  • Plan each day’s position, responsibilities and schedule.
  • Maintain positions until notified by the Caboose, Dispatch or your CREW Manager.Then move to next assignment.
  • Direct bike traffic through difficult sections of the route.
  • Alert Riders to upcoming hazards.
  • Communicate with Dispatch regarding emergencies using cell phones or nearest pay phone.
  • Work within all State and Local traffic laws and with police along the route.


  • In case of injury, collision or medical emergency, call 911 then Dispatch. Take notes consisting of the Rider or CREW ID numbers, location, time and what happened.
  • The Motorcycle Safety CREW will check in at the nearest Pit Stop. At each Pit Stop and with the Pit Manager inform Dispatch of their location and indicate the position that they are going to be on the Route.
  • Always remind the Riders to ride safely and stay in single file.
  • The Motorcycle assigned as the caboose will maintain visual with the last rider at all times. When appropriate and about every 20-30 minutes, will radio to Dispatch to update the location of the last rider.