Medical Crew

Comprised of a variety of medical professionals, and under the direction of Dr. Marah Lee; SMART Ride Medical Director, this team provides all first-aid medical services to participants and will provide emergency service where necessary until local EMS/Paramedics arrive on scene. Medical is located at each facility and Pit Stops along the route. Medical is staffed 24 hours each day. Medical Team will be screened as necessary for appropriate licensing, experience and training.

Crew Description:  The Medical CREW includes MD’s, RN’s, DO’s, EMT’s, PT’s, Paramedics, Chiropractors, etc. . Members of the Medical CREW must be licensed and provide proof of insurance, unless not a licensed medical personnel. The Medical CREW will be stationed at each Pit Stop, in Hotel and in roving medical vehicles and are available to triage and treat both Rider and Crew Illness or injury.


  • All volunteers with the Medical CREW, except those without formal medical training, will be expected to perform basic first aid skills. Other duties may include sports medicine, basic history taking, triage duties and in some instances basic and advanced life support duties, depending on the CREW member’s level of training and expertise. Non-medically trained volunteers assisting the Medical CREW will be assigned to non-medical duties such as coordinator, equipment manager, or administrative assistant.


  • The Hotel Medical Room will provide services from approximately 5-9 am, 1-10 pm as well as an overnight shift each night. The CREW Manager will schedule breaks for everyone, as well as determining who will go out on the route each day.
  • Those CREW members who are assigned to a pit stop will travel with the pit stop CREW to each location and depart at the established departure times. Please remember to get your lunch from the lunch truck at the Pit Stop loading area before you leave hotel in the morning.
  • Upon arriving at the Pit Stop, the medical CREW will set up their assigned location—this includes the canopy tent that they will use. After the pit stop closes, the medical CREW will clean and pack up their area – this includes disposing of their trash, dissembling the canopy and storing all of the equipment in the Pit Stop truck. Pit Medical will not leave until the last rider/CREW member has departed and the Caboose has checked in at the Pit Stop.
  • Medical Crew Members are responsible for replenishment and pick up of all supplies from the medical supply truck.
  • A medical intake form will be done on each rider or CREW member prior to receiving medical treatment.

NOTE: All injuries to Riders or Crew requiring follow-up, hospitalization, or removal from riding or Crewing for ANY period of time MUST BE REPORTED TO DISPATCH. A Case Manager will fill out a report sheet. At the hotel, the Medical Crew Manager or Medical Director will meet with the Case Managers for updates of all reported injuries.