Massage Crew

This team provides massage services to participants during the event. Ideally, massage therapists will be experienced in sports massage. The ride does not provide massage table. Sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and paper towels are provided.

Crew Description:  The Hotel Massage CREW will be one of the CREW most sought after by most Riders. Quite simply, they will be providing massages to Riders and when possible CREW.

Duties – the Hotel Massage CREW will:

  • Set up and staff the Massage team in designated area.
  • Set up a massage sign up table.
  • Use a list of Riders/CREW to keep track of who has received massages and assign priority to those who haven’t received one yet
  • .Provide massages to Riders while on duty.
  • Manager should establish a system for best serving the Riders and how to form any queue that might arise.
  • Breakdown and load Massage equipment before the hotel site.