Gear Crew

The Gear Team works to collect and transport rider/crew luggage throughout the event. Crew opens Friday Morning to collect gear at MorningStar Renewal Center and takes it to Hawks Cay and distributes gear. Saturday morning collects gear again and transports to Key West for dissemination after closing ceremonies. Must be able to lift at least 50lbs.

Crew Description:  The Gear CREW consists of 4-6 people. The truck will accept between 200 – 250 bags and bike boxes. Special care and handling must be paid to stack items in such a way as to limit load shift and the falling of luggage. As bags are off-loaded, they should be organized according to Rider and CREW numbers to make it easier to locate and identify individual gear. You need to check with Riders who have brought hard shell bike boxes to see if they want them nightly or only at the end of the Ride.


  • Being on time for your shift and maintain a presence at the truck whenever gear is unclaimed.
  • On-loading of gear, hard shell bike boxes and packing in an orderly fashion to maximize space and to limit load shifting and falling of baggage.
  • Off-loading bags into organized rows that are clearly marked with signage as to gear letter and Rider/CREW number ranges, placing rain tarps if weather is threatening.
  • Assist Riders/CREW in locating and identifying their gear. Remember, many bags look alike! Be sure the wristband number matches the luggage tags.
  • Assist Command by pulling gear for Riders/CREW who are injured or have to leave the Ride, and bringing it to the Ride Services tent.


  • See your CREW Manager for shift hours and daily schedules. It is imperative to be on time, CREW need to leave very early in the morning. Don’t make them wait! Be at your truck by 5:00am.
  • At Ride Out make sure you are at your truck no later then 5:00am. Do not leave the area until Dispatch has advised you that all Riders have left.
  • We will advise all CREW Managers to let their crew know that they must have their luggage at the Gear Truck by 5:00 am. You need to get to hotel as soon as possible and unload.
  • Your trucks may be used for Bike transport. Do not stop anywhere else in your commute. You will be directed where to unload the gear in your truck.
  • Drivers are responsible for assessing the fuel needs of their trucks and for consulting detailed maps to determine convenient fuel stops. Any mechanical problems are to be reported to the CREW Manager immediately. If an emergency occurs en route, contact dispatch (consult phone/radio list for emergency numbers) and follow their instructions.


All CREW members are to help with cleanup. Please pickup any trash and/or abandoned items around your area before departure. Trash bags will be provided for this. Lost and Found can be taken to Dispatch desk or turned into your CREW Manager.