Ceremonies Crew

Responsible for the running of daily ceremonies and decorating of facilities during the overall event. Ideally, persons on this team are creative with the ability to multi-task and be flexible with unexpected changes. The Ceremonies Manager works with the ride Production Team over the course of the year planning for the event. Attention to minutia is needed to coordinate multiple supplies, people and equipment

Crew Description:  The Ceremonies crew is responsible for the overall look and feel of the event. From the set-up at MoningStar to the final lasting impressions of Closing Ceremonies, the ceremonies crew makes it happen.


  • In conjunction with the Ride Producer and Founder, the Ceremonies Crew is responsible for the planning, execution and clean-up of the following:
  • Orientation Day Look and Feel
  • Dedication Ceremony
  • Opening Ceremony/Ride Out
  • Evening Entertainment on Friday Night
  • Stretching and Ride out on Saturday Morning

Closing Ceremonies – A subgroup of the Ceremonies Crew is the Signage Crew, they are responsible for the placement and removal of signage at all of the major sites, this includes:

  • Arch
  • Flutter Flags
  • Entry/Exit Banners
  • Dedication Banner