Bike Transport Crew

This team provides transport of bikes for Riders unable to complete the day’s route. This team will load bikes from Bike Parking (where bikes are staged) in the morning and at Pit Stops throughout the day and offload bikes in Bike Parking area. Must be able to lift 50+ lbs.

Crew Description:  When Riders become injured, tired or too slow and are unable to continue on their bikes, they are taken in minivan to lunch or hotel, leaving their bikes behind. Bike Transport is called to pick up their bikes from the Pit Stops and deliver them to the Lunch Pit or Bike Parking at hotel. Working closely with Dispatch and the Pit Closure Crew, this team goes from evening hotel back to the Pit Stops to recover ‘sagged’ bikes. In an effort to close and clear all Riders from the road before dark, it may become necessary in the late afternoon to send larger capacity vehicles out to the Pits. In this way more Riders and more bikes can be recovered at one time. The truck used for this purpose is actually a Gear truck during the first part of the day.


  • Check and maintain fuel and fluid levels, keep windshield and windows clean to enhance visibility, report any signage damage or theft to Dispatch.
  • Keep track of supplies such as ropes, bungee cords, first-aid kit, etc.
  • Make sure route maps and directions are in your vehicle before leaving hotel.
  • Under the direction of your Manager or dispatch, drive truck to appointed Pit Stop (use your Hotel to Pit directions for the quickest route). When on the road, try to stay in constant communication with your Manager or dispatch. Let them know when you leave hotel and your ETA at your destination. They will alter plans as needed and give you updates on Rider/Bike ‘SAG’ numbers.
  • Keep a log of which SAGGED bikes need to go to Bike Maintenance.


  • Upon arrival at the Pit Stop, communicate with the Pit Closure and Pit Stop Managers and follow instructions for the uploading of ‘SAG’ bikes. As you load up, treat bikes gently and with care. Many are very expensive and may damage easily if not put aboard and tied down correctly.
  • When you have received the go ahead from the Pit Closure Manager, proceed to lunch or back to the evening hotel by the most direct route. Phone your Manager or dispatch and give them an ETA and the number of bikes you are carrying.
  • At the entrance to Hotel, there will be a traffic control person. Identify yourself and ask to be directed to Bike Parking to unload ‘SAGGED’ bikes. The Bike Parking Crew will be on hand to help with the off loading process and to record the number on each bike. It is imperative for them to write down these Rider #’s so that we can keep track of ‘SAG’ Riders.
  • Check-in with your manager each time you leave or arrive at a given location. These times are being logged in Dispatch and are the only way we can track our progress in retrieving bikes and Riders.
  • There will be times when you’ll be required to wait at a Pit Stop or at Hotel for a period of time. Please stay at your post or with your truck. Do not leave your vehicle without communicating that information to Dispatch and to your Crew Manager. If an emergency arises, let them know where you are going and when you will return. If you are called during this absence, return to your truck immediately or call in for instructions.