Bike Tech Crew

This team will work with riders to assist in maintenance and repair of bikes as necessary. This can be at a facility or along the route at Pit Stops and/or at hotel. Bike Techs bring their own supplies, but riders are responsible for reimbursing Techs for supplies that are utilized. Team members must have experience in bicycle repair and should be able to lift 50 lbs.

Crew Description:  The Bike Tech Crew provides on-site Bike repair for those Riders who require it at Pit Stops. Their primary function is to assist Riders with Bike repairs that are beyond their abilities to do themselves. These repair mechanics will also be available in hotel each evening. Riders who are experiencing difficulties on the Route and are unable to continue, will be picked up by the Sweep Crew. The Sweep Crew will transport both Rider and Bike to Pit Stops. Here, Bike Tech support Crew will be available to repair bicycles.


  • Riders are expected to fix their own flat tires.
  • Fees may be charge for bike parts (not labor) by the repair technicians.
  • Set-up Bike Mechanic area at Pit Stops.
  • Triage Bike repairs.
  • Sell bike parts as needed.
  • Procedures
  • Set-up and staff Bike Maintenance Tent in designated area.
  • Provide repairs and adjustments to bicycles while stationed.
  • Staff and operate bike shop (sell parts and handle all cash).
  • Crew Manager should work with Bike Parking CrewManager to establish system for retrieving/returning bikes to and from special area once repairs are completed.
  • Breakdown and load equipment before traveling to Day 2 holding area.