Bike Parking Crew

This team is responsible for setting up and managing where bikes are parked at the registration site, first nights hotel and the destination point in Key West. Duties involve checking in each rider as they enter at each site to account that all participants are safely off the route. This team also assists with any “bike pulls” necessitated for medical or other issues. To accomplish this, Bike Parking sets up and breaks down bike racks for the event each day as the event moves along the route. Days start early and go until after last rider arrives.


Crew Description:  This crew will setup, break down and manage the bicycle parking lot. The areas will consist of 50 – 100 bike racks, appropriate signage, a rider list (in alphabetical or numerical order). Bike racks are 10’ long each and should be in rows side by side with a minimum of 10’ between each row. For non-competitive events like the Ride, 9 or 10 bicycles can fit closely on each rack without risk of damage. The bikes should be parked head first then tail first. This pattern should be repeated until the rack is full.

There should be 2 people at the entrance of bike parking to check in riders and direct riders to the lettered area they should park their bike. 3-4 people are needed to help riders park their bikes and direct Riders to the water station set up near Bike Parking.

You are responsible for the safety of ALL bicycles!!! This involves authorizing access only to Riders and permitting Riders to remove bikes ONLY when their wristband matches their biketags!!!


Duties – among the duties of the Bike Parking Crew are:

  • Break down bike racks at Ride Out and load them into your truck.
  • Construction of a secure Bike Parking area.
  • Establish and execute effective check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Enforce strict crowd control, with the help of Traffic Control. Be assertive in maintaining an organized, methodical check-out procedure.
  • Maintain, with the assistance of Traffic Control, street access for emergency and other vehicles.
  • Assist Bike Transport Crew’s with check-in and parking of Sagged bikes. Keep an accurate list of all Sagged bicycles. The Riders will need to be able to find their bikes the next morning.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with Hotel Security to pass off to them when the last bike is in a secured bike parking area for them to guard.
  • Maintain all banners and signs for your area. Report damage to Dispatch for repair or replacement.
  • Be responsible for displaying Pit Stop hours and any special bulletins for all Riders to see. Pass out the days route to each Rider.
  • Before securing Bike Parking and turning the area over to Security, check with Command to find out if there are anymore bikes on the route.
  • Break down bike area. Take apart bike racks. Prepare and pack everything into the trucks for transport to the holding area. Clean up all trash and take to dumpsters.
  • Report any damage to your Crew Manager.
  • Staff a water station for riders coming in the afternoon/evening and for riders in the morning. When you arrive at the hotel make sure to set up the water station.
  • When you breakdown to go to the holding area, take your left over water with you. When you get to the hotel site make sure to contact dispatch to let them know if you will need more water for the riders arriving in the afternoon. They will contact Ride Services to have it delivered to you.
  • As you are handling the bikes make sure you treat them gently and with care.
  • Many bikes may cost thousands of dollars . Please treat them well.
  • Be friendly and helpful with Riders at all times. Get them started out each morning on the right foot. Be encouraging and uplifting. Be positive and motivational. They have physical and emotional challenges ahead of them. Be gentle, be kind, be flexible!
  • Encourage them to drink gatorade and water and to fill up their water containers before they set out in the morning.


Procedure – Bike Parking Crew will:

  • Check each bicycle into Bike Parking by comparing the Rider Wristband and Bike Band to make sure that they match.
  • When a Rider checks their bike in, the Bike Parking Crew will highlight that Rider’s number on the “Rider Matrix Form” maintained at each station, then compile all list for the Crew Manager. Be sure the Riders know what section they parked their bikes in.
  • When a Rider checks their bike out, the Bike Parking Crew will highlight that Rider’s number (in a different color) on the “Rider Matrix Form” maintained at each station and compile list for the Crew Manager.
  • When a Bike Transport vehicle arrives from a Pit Stop, help unload the vehicle, check in each bike number on the Rider Matrix Form. Make sure to check with the Medical Crew and Bike Maintenance Crew at the hotel for bikes that need to be sagged to the holding area.


Bike Parking CREW Manager will:

  • Maintain a Master Rider Matrix form, highlighting each and every Rider that has checked their bike into hotel and report to dispatch any problems. Place an “X” if Rider came in on own. Place an “S” if bike was sagged in.
  • Report every ½ hour (beginning at 3:00PM) to Dispatch the number of Riders who have checked their bikes into hotel. Include in this, the number of sagged bikes.
  • At the end of each day report the numbers of bikes Parked, list of all bikes sagged to dispatch.

Bike Tech Crew

This team will work with riders to assist in maintenance and repair of bikes as necessary. This can be at a facility or along the route at Pit Stops and/or at hotel. Bike Techs bring their own supplies, but riders are responsible for reimbursing Techs for supplies that are utilized. Team members must have experience in bicycle repair and should be able to lift 50 lbs.

Crew Description:  The Bike Tech Crew provides on-site Bike repair for those Riders who require it at Pit Stops. Their primary function is to assist Riders with Bike repairs that are beyond their abilities to do themselves. These repair mechanics will also be available in hotel each evening. Riders who are experiencing difficulties on the Route and are unable to continue, will be picked up by the Sweep Crew. The Sweep Crew will transport both Rider and Bike to Pit Stops. Here, Bike Tech support Crew will be available to repair bicycles.


  • Riders are expected to fix their own flat tires.
  • Fees may be charge for bike parts (not labor) by the repair technicians.
  • Set-up Bike Mechanic area at Pit Stops.
  • Triage Bike repairs.
  • Sell bike parts as needed.
  • Procedures
  • Set-up and staff Bike Maintenance Tent in designated area.
  • Provide repairs and adjustments to bicycles while stationed.
  • Staff and operate bike shop (sell parts and handle all cash).
  • Crew Manager should work with Bike Parking CrewManager to establish system for retrieving/returning bikes to and from special area once repairs are completed.
  • Breakdown and load equipment before traveling to Day 2 holding area.

Bike Transport Crew

This team provides transport of bikes for Riders unable to complete the day’s route. This team will load bikes from Bike Parking (where bikes are staged) in the morning and at Pit Stops throughout the day and offload bikes in Bike Parking area. Must be able to lift 50+ lbs.

Crew Description:  When Riders become injured, tired or too slow and are unable to continue on their bikes, they are taken in minivan to lunch or hotel, leaving their bikes behind. Bike Transport is called to pick up their bikes from the Pit Stops and deliver them to the Lunch Pit or Bike Parking at hotel. Working closely with Dispatch and the Pit Closure Crew, this team goes from evening hotel back to the Pit Stops to recover ‘sagged’ bikes. In an effort to close and clear all Riders from the road before dark, it may become necessary in the late afternoon to send larger capacity vehicles out to the Pits. In this way more Riders and more bikes can be recovered at one time. The truck used for this purpose is actually a Gear truck during the first part of the day.


  • Check and maintain fuel and fluid levels, keep windshield and windows clean to enhance visibility, report any signage damage or theft to Dispatch.
  • Keep track of supplies such as ropes, bungee cords, first-aid kit, etc.
  • Make sure route maps and directions are in your vehicle before leaving hotel.
  • Under the direction of your Manager or dispatch, drive truck to appointed Pit Stop (use your Hotel to Pit directions for the quickest route). When on the road, try to stay in constant communication with your Manager or dispatch. Let them know when you leave hotel and your ETA at your destination. They will alter plans as needed and give you updates on Rider/Bike ‘SAG’ numbers.
  • Keep a log of which SAGGED bikes need to go to Bike Maintenance.


  • Upon arrival at the Pit Stop, communicate with the Pit Closure and Pit Stop Managers and follow instructions for the uploading of ‘SAG’ bikes. As you load up, treat bikes gently and with care. Many are very expensive and may damage easily if not put aboard and tied down correctly.
  • When you have received the go ahead from the Pit Closure Manager, proceed to lunch or back to the evening hotel by the most direct route. Phone your Manager or dispatch and give them an ETA and the number of bikes you are carrying.
  • At the entrance to Hotel, there will be a traffic control person. Identify yourself and ask to be directed to Bike Parking to unload ‘SAGGED’ bikes. The Bike Parking Crew will be on hand to help with the off loading process and to record the number on each bike. It is imperative for them to write down these Rider #’s so that we can keep track of ‘SAG’ Riders.
  • Check-in with your manager each time you leave or arrive at a given location. These times are being logged in Dispatch and are the only way we can track our progress in retrieving bikes and Riders.
  • There will be times when you’ll be required to wait at a Pit Stop or at Hotel for a period of time. Please stay at your post or with your truck. Do not leave your vehicle without communicating that information to Dispatch and to your Crew Manager. If an emergency arises, let them know where you are going and when you will return. If you are called during this absence, return to your truck immediately or call in for instructions.

Cheerleading Crew

Help Cheer on, encourage and motivate riders and crew during the ride. This crew is often staged at points on the ride to send messages of safety and motivation. If you like to yell encouragement, dress up, get crazy, then this is the team for you. Members of this team typically have their own vehicles and/or drive with others to work along the route.

Crew Description:  It is what it sounds like. The purpose of the cheerleaders is to cheer on the riders (and crew) and to get them down the road safely.


  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Ensure the safety of all riders and crew during any actions.
  • Assist with traffic control as needed based on circumstances and route.


  • This crew is very independent. The Crew Manager will coordinate with all of the team members to ensure that they are evenly spaced throughout the day.
  • Cheerleading Crew Members maintain the fun of the event while keeping everyone’s spirits high and the mood light.

Ceremonies Crew

Responsible for the running of daily ceremonies and decorating of facilities during the overall event. Ideally, persons on this team are creative with the ability to multi-task and be flexible with unexpected changes. The Ceremonies Manager works with the ride Production Team over the course of the year planning for the event. Attention to minutia is needed to coordinate multiple supplies, people and equipment

Crew Description:  The Ceremonies crew is responsible for the overall look and feel of the event. From the set-up at MoningStar to the final lasting impressions of Closing Ceremonies, the ceremonies crew makes it happen.


  • In conjunction with the Ride Producer and Founder, the Ceremonies Crew is responsible for the planning, execution and clean-up of the following:
  • Orientation Day Look and Feel
  • Dedication Ceremony
  • Opening Ceremony/Ride Out
  • Evening Entertainment on Friday Night
  • Stretching and Ride out on Saturday Morning

Closing Ceremonies – A subgroup of the Ceremonies Crew is the Signage Crew, they are responsible for the placement and removal of signage at all of the major sites, this includes:

  • Arch
  • Flutter Flags
  • Entry/Exit Banners
  • Dedication Banner

Dining Crew

This team assists vendors and participants in providing meals, drinks and dining supplies from Thursday Lunch through Saturday Lunch. Very early mornings and late evenings are involved. The happiest part of this crew is that members get to see all of the participants and provide them with what they are looking for the most… FOOOOOOOOD. With the assistance of the Production Team, the Dining Manager coordinates food needs for volunteer staff during Ride Week.

Crew Description:  The dining crew coordinates and plans all of the meals for ride week and for the event. In cooperation with the Production team, identifies vendors, coordinates supplies and executes meal plans for each day of the event.


  • Dining team is responsible for the planning, execution and clean up for the following meals:
  • Upload Week Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Thursday Night Dinner
  • Friday Morning Breakfast
  • Lunch on both Friday and Saturday
  • Dinner on Friday night
  • Breakfast on Saturday Morning.

Gear Crew

The Gear Team works to collect and transport rider/crew luggage throughout the event. Crew opens Friday Morning to collect gear at MorningStar Renewal Center and takes it to Hawks Cay and distributes gear. Saturday morning collects gear again and transports to Key West for dissemination after closing ceremonies. Must be able to lift at least 50lbs.

Crew Description:  The Gear CREW consists of 4-6 people. The truck will accept between 200 – 250 bags and bike boxes. Special care and handling must be paid to stack items in such a way as to limit load shift and the falling of luggage. As bags are off-loaded, they should be organized according to Rider and CREW numbers to make it easier to locate and identify individual gear. You need to check with Riders who have brought hard shell bike boxes to see if they want them nightly or only at the end of the Ride.


  • Being on time for your shift and maintain a presence at the truck whenever gear is unclaimed.
  • On-loading of gear, hard shell bike boxes and packing in an orderly fashion to maximize space and to limit load shifting and falling of baggage.
  • Off-loading bags into organized rows that are clearly marked with signage as to gear letter and Rider/CREW number ranges, placing rain tarps if weather is threatening.
  • Assist Riders/CREW in locating and identifying their gear. Remember, many bags look alike! Be sure the wristband number matches the luggage tags.
  • Assist Command by pulling gear for Riders/CREW who are injured or have to leave the Ride, and bringing it to the Ride Services tent.


  • See your CREW Manager for shift hours and daily schedules. It is imperative to be on time, CREW need to leave very early in the morning. Don’t make them wait! Be at your truck by 5:00am.
  • At Ride Out make sure you are at your truck no later then 5:00am. Do not leave the area until Dispatch has advised you that all Riders have left.
  • We will advise all CREW Managers to let their crew know that they must have their luggage at the Gear Truck by 5:00 am. You need to get to hotel as soon as possible and unload.
  • Your trucks may be used for Bike transport. Do not stop anywhere else in your commute. You will be directed where to unload the gear in your truck.
  • Drivers are responsible for assessing the fuel needs of their trucks and for consulting detailed maps to determine convenient fuel stops. Any mechanical problems are to be reported to the CREW Manager immediately. If an emergency occurs en route, contact dispatch (consult phone/radio list for emergency numbers) and follow their instructions.


All CREW members are to help with cleanup. Please pickup any trash and/or abandoned items around your area before departure. Trash bags will be provided for this. Lost and Found can be taken to Dispatch desk or turned into your CREW Manager.

Hotel Services/Housing Crew

This team is responsible for coordinating participant lodging needs at MorningStar and Hawks Cay. Works with Hawks Cay Site Manager and members of the Hotel Staff to properly place participants for overnight housing. This task takes place over the course of the year. Ideal members of this crew must be organized, have good follow through and be a good communicator. Job involves working on Orientation Day to confirm housing with participants and work with the hotel to handle check-ins and issues that arise.

Hawks Cay Crew

This team manages all aspects of the facility layout and interaction with Hawks Cay Representatives, our dining team and dining vendor, tent and port-a-john vendors to execute all functions (other than actual rooming list) of the overnight hotel stay at Hawks Cay. This crew does everything from ensuring proper placement of the port-o-johns to working with every other crew in setting up tents, delivering water and protecting our designated parking during the event.

Crew Description:  Hawks Cay crew consists of 5-8 members who are responsible for the set-up, maintenance and pack-up of the Hawks Cay Site.


  • Assist vendors with Tent and Port-o-john placement
  • Monitor and collect trash at the site; dispose of in proper locations
  • Assist with the erection and dismantle of event pop-up tents and canopy’s.
  • Effectively uses site plans to ensure proper placement of equipment
  • Consults with Event Producer in the event of any issues with Vendors and/or unforseen circumstances at the Hawks Cay Site.

Massage Crew

This team provides massage services to participants during the event. Ideally, massage therapists will be experienced in sports massage. The ride does not provide massage table. Sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and paper towels are provided.

Crew Description:  The Hotel Massage CREW will be one of the CREW most sought after by most Riders. Quite simply, they will be providing massages to Riders and when possible CREW.

Duties – the Hotel Massage CREW will:

  • Set up and staff the Massage team in designated area.
  • Set up a massage sign up table.
  • Use a list of Riders/CREW to keep track of who has received massages and assign priority to those who haven’t received one yet
  • .Provide massages to Riders while on duty.
  • Manager should establish a system for best serving the Riders and how to form any queue that might arise.
  • Breakdown and load Massage equipment before the hotel site.